Full Membership

A full membership subscription to Extra! provides your school with many advantages including:

  • A copy of the Otago Daily Times delivered each day to your school during the school year, worth over $250. (Applies to home delivery areas only).

  • We are excited to announce that if you are outside the delivery area for the Otago Daily Times, you can now receive the ODT e-edition complementary for your classroom.

  • Free access to the Otago Daily Times digital archive. The archive contains a copy of every newspaper published since January 2, 2004, and can be electronically searched. This is a fantastic resource (worth over $460 per annum) for projects and day to day teaching.

  • Entry to the Extra! Current Events and Spelling Quizzes held throughout Otago, Central South Island and Canterbury.

  • Certificates to print off to give to your class Champion Quiz Whiz and Most Improved each issue.