Our Top 5 Teacher Lunches

Welcome back to school!

In order to achieve #serene2019, fuel yourself with quick yet nutritious food. Talk is always around packed lunches for our young but what about our “young-at-heart” teachers?

Check out our top five lunch ideas and get your nutrition on.

5. Salmon Salad

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Whether you use tinned salmon or smoked salmon, the end result is super-food goodness, especially when you add baby spinach, sliced red onion and semi-dried tomatoes.

Whizz a bit of red wine vinegar or balsamic on top and biz-bam-boom, a healthy, Omega 3, lunchable delight, even while on playground duty.

4. Burrito Bowl


I love one bowl meals! You can’t go past a burrito bowl for flavourful, goodness either.

Fry up your mince and diced onion, with all the spicy goodness of paprika, cumin, chilli flakes, coriander and salt and pepper (and cayenne pepper if you like it really hot).

Then get your Tupperware bowl out, fill it with your salad of choice, the meaty filling, grate cheese on top and a dollop of sour cream and wholla!

Fast food is good food! If you need the burrito wrap part included you can have it on the side or I fold it up and pop in the bowl and pick parts of it off with the filling in the staff room.

3. Roasted veg couscous


Israeli couscous is the key with this lunch idea. Placing it in hot stock adds more flavour. Roast your favourite seasonal vege like, courgette, carrot, peppers, brocolli, onion, garlic.

Add olive or coconut oil, seasoning, dried herbs, Moroccan spice and let it roast away in the oven. When cooled, mix all the ingredients together and throw some chopped up parsley and coriander in the mix.

Wallah! Scrumptious, deliciousness to hand. Perfect to get you through that 3 ‘o’ clock slump!

2. Mediterranean Pita Pockets


I love a pita pocket! Like a one bowl meal, you can fill those suckers with all of the deliciousness to hand. I themed this one but you can pretty much put whatever you want into a pita and then walk around the school looking officious while getting your food on.

Spread a ricotta cheese or hummus of choice to moisten that bad baby up and then throw in your favourite veges. Tomatoes, mescalin, cucumber, avocado, olives, tuna, or chicken or any desirable meat, eggs, the list is endless.

Now when pita does get too moist it does tend to crumble so you may prefer to put it together in the staff-room, but I usually wrap mine in lunch paper anyways and walk around with it. Be aware that many students will be envious and will ask what you have in your hands (teachers too!)

1. Left-over dinner


Who has those anymore? It is always good to make more than needed so you can take your yummy dinner to school for lunch and cue...interested ooohhhs and aahhhs!

Just to note, no-one appreciates the tuna bake re-heat in the staff-room!

Although always delicious on the night, for some reason you always get side-way glances from those who enter the staff-room when re-heating fish meals.

Just look everywhere but those who give you the stink-eye.

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