Special Edition: War Issue


According to wikipedia, “war is a state of armed conflict that is generally characterised by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular and irregular military forces.”

Why go to war?

Common reasons for starting a war or taking part in one, are usually related to issues of politics, religion, territory and scarcity of resources.  Those in power, are always able to generate support, for their own gain. Some reasons may feel convincing, such as the Allies battle against Germany and Hitler during World War Two. While other reasons are not so easy to understand, such as the civil war between the Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda.


In this special edition of Extra!, we dedicate a full 16 pages, to warfare and remembrance. From the First World War to the war in Afghanistan, which is coming up to the longest war Americans have been involved in. (17.4 years as of 2018)  We will also share the stories of New Zealand war heroes, women during wartime, modern wars and how technology has impacted the way wars are fought today.

 Our world map will highlight those countries that were involved in world and civil wars. We also look at the importance of Remembrance and honouring those people who served for the New Zealand armed forces, in both World Wars, and those who continue to serve our country, today.  We also showcase student war poetry and creative writing.

The Extra! War Issue is a resource that will endure in schools, filled with information, images and stories, that students and teachers, will use for many years to come.

Test your classrooms knowledge with our quiz from last year’s War Issue:

Here are some videos that might be useful in your classroom:


The Extra! War Issue contains 16 pages of great content for your classroom, order this issue today by clicking on the below link.