It was a thrilling tiebreaker at the 2019 Christchurch Spelling Quizzes!

The 2019 Extra! Spelling quizzes saw more than 200 top spellers compete against other schools in the region at Christchurch South Intermediate.

Cathedral Grammar - Year 7&8 Champions

Cathedral Grammar - Year 7&8 Champions

Teams of three are chosen by teachers at their schools for the quizzes and will often practice at lunch time and have trials in order to represent their schools! Just competing in the Extra! quizzes is a huge achievement.

Pupils are tested on spelling, grammar, abbreviations, matching words with with their country of origin as well as dictionary skills - which are a rare acquisition in this digital age!

The spelling quiz is run by the Otago Daily Times through the Extra! publication, which is a monthly newspaper publication for primary, intermediate and junior secondary school pupils.

The year 5&6 rounds came down to an exciting tie breaker between Selwyn House School and Fendalton Open-Air School. But Selwyn House School proved the winning team, with Fendalton in a close second! St Martin’s School was close behind in third place as well.

The Cathedral Grammar School team won the year 7 & 8 spelling quiz with 86 points out of 100. Cobham Intermediate and Christchurch South Intermediate tied for second place on 81 points.

Liam Hume, 11 from Cathedral Grammar School said that the ‘anticipation while waiting for them to read out the score’ was his favourite part of the event.

The anticipation while waiting for them to read out the scores
— Liam Hume
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