Top 6 ways to reuse your newspaper in your classroom

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6. Cleaning the condensation off the windows

It’s that time of year when the windows start to fog up in the morning. Use old newspaper in your classroom or office to get rid of the condensation streak free.


5. Prevent mud, grass and dirt from being trampled through your classroom

Use leftover newspapers in the doorway to your classroom where pupils can leave their wet and dirty shoes and prevent wet grass from being trampled all through your classroom carpet.


4. Arts and Crafts

During the winter months when often the whether is not ideal for outdoor activities leave newspaper out so pupils can stay entertained at lunch with painting projects or paper mache. You can also make your own paper from old newspapers!


3. That classroom draught hasn’t been fixed yet

Use the newspaper to plug any holes or gaps that you find in your windows or at the bottom of your doors, and keep the heat inside. Or get creative and get your class to make their own draught stoppers withe funky fabrics and they can take them home.


2. Start a composting or gardening project

Newspaper is great at killing weeds and can be used for compost bins. Start a gardening project or composting project with your class, you could have plants on the window sills or a compost bin with a worm farm!


1. Donate newspaper projects to a local rest home

Get groups of pupils to work together to compile a scrapbook with crosswords, puzzles and cartoons for a nearby rest home.