The Environment Issue: Sustainability

On 1 July the ban on single-use plastic bags came in to force, throughout New Zealand. This affects businesses from supermarkets, department stores and online stores. New Zealanders and especially young people, have been protesting about single use plastics and its effect on our environment for a long time now. For decades we have become accustomed to using and disposing of plastic waste in our daily lives.

plastic bottles photo by Hans Braxmeier

plastic bottles photo by Hans Braxmeier

Tackling waste is a growing challenge here in New Zealand and around the world, with major implications for our environment, economy and how we live our lives. We can solve our waste problem by becoming more efficient with the resources we use. With more information available to us on the harm plastic manufacturing and plastic waste has on our lives and environment, people are starting to resist the use of plastics and pay more attention to how we can turn this environmental disaster around.


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