Meet The Team Behind Extra!

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Tricia Rowe

Extra! Editor


Tena Koutou Katoa!

Ko Trish Rowe ahau. I am the Editor of Extra! A premier current events product. My role is varied and I am highly involved with each step in the process of putting Extra! together. Including researching, writing topical content, working with our design team on the layout, creating resources for teachers and implementing the highly popular quiz events.

With over 12 years of teaching experience and as a mother of four children, I am all about quality educational products and making learning fun. That is what the team at Extra! Hope to achieve with our newspaper in education product. We have extensive reach into over 120 schools, and cater to children aged 8 – 15 years of age and we have a unique market offering, as we are the only printed Newspaper in Education product, in New Zealand.

I have a wide variety of interests including reading blogs, listening to podcasts, learning Te Reo Maori and keeping up with the latest educational research. I am glad you are here. Take a look around and make your self comfortable with Extra! and all that we offer.

Ngaa Mihi!


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Kia Ora, I am part of the marketing team behind the Extra! premier currents events programme. I used to love getting the Extra! publication during my attendance at Fairlie Primary School and Mackenzie College. I remember how excited our class used to be when the Extra! papers arrived at our school, and attending the quizzes in Timaru used to be such a highlight for us! So now I feel privileged to be a part of the marketing team behind the premier current events programme, Extra!.

I firmly believe that there is value to be had in learning how to digest current event information. It’s so important to learn from a young age because media consumption has a impact from daily conversations to the way we vote. Especially in consideration of the ease of access that we have to information through the internet and social media sites. That’s why I think we have something special here at Extra!, we have a tangible resource that pupils can hold and keep. Which is something increasingly rare in this digital age.

Best wishes,


Lydia Kinsman

Marketing Department