Extra!  Issue 7, 2018 Women Leaders Around The World

Extra! Issue 7, 2018 Women Leaders Around The World

The Extra! newspaper has been a vital part of my classroom programme for a number of years. It provides fun, rich learning opportunities in a contextual way..
— Ms Barbara Simmers, Goldfields Primary School, Cromwell

The Premier Current Events Programme

The Otago Daily Times’ Extra! publication is designed to complement the New Zealand Curriculum with 12 exciting and educational issues released throughout the year. Extra! offers your pupils the chance to access 16 pages of informative content, current events, STEAM, quizzes, maps and more! 

Not only is Extra! is jam-packed with engaging content that offers opportunities for peer-to-peer, independent and whole class learning, but your school can also participate in the popular spelling and current events quizzes (by subscribing to a full membership).

Each issue contains a two page feature topic such as Citizenship, Sustainability, ANZAC Special and Robotics to name a few. These pages come with a lesson plan and worksheets that is aligned with the New Zealand curriculum objectives.

Pupils are able to contribute their own writing, such as letters to the editor, short stories, poems as well as book reviews and more!

Over 150 schools across New Zealand utilise this fantastic resource in their classrooms. At only $8.40* per pupil for a year’s subscription to Extra!, it is an affordable resource that can be added to stationary accounts at the start of the year. For further information check out our 2019 topic list and quiz information.

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The Extra! publication is run as a subsidiary product to the Otago Daily Times. The Otago Daily Times is New Zealand’s oldest daily newspaper.

Proudly independent, the ODT has a strong local news coverage and is published Monday - Saturday. This focus combined with national and international news means the ODT has an unmatched reach in the local regions.