How many students in a team?

In the quiz events you are allowed 3 students per team. The teams can be mixed year groups. For example, in the year 5&6 quiz events, you may have a team of 3 year six students or a team of two year five and one year six student.

What do we need to bring to the quizzes?

Each team must bring a pen with them and your own blank paper for notes or scribbling. A water bottle is good too as it is pretty thirsty work doing all of that thinking.

What do the winning teams receive?

How many teams can we enter per school?

How do we enter our teams?

Can we enter teams if we are not subscribed to Extra?

The Otago Daily Times and Extra! provide winners with a plaque, medals for each team member, vouchers and certificates and an ODT goody bag. Place-getters receive certificates, vouchers and a goody bag each. The winners from each year group will get their photo taken and placed in to the next day’s ODT newspaper.

This is dependent on your subscription with Extra! Our full membership schools are free to enter as many teams as they can (up to 12). This is also dependent on how many teams are registered with our quiz events. Numbers are dependent on how many people our host schools can fit in to their halls. If you tend to have more than 5 teams entering in each quiz event I would encourage you to enter your teams earlier rather than later. If you are unsure of how many students will be available, I would enter your higher number of teams at first because if you need less teams on the day that is easier to accommodate than trying to create more space on the night


We do online registrations for our quiz events. If you go to you can enter your teams on our google forms under the heading Quizzes. Make sure you click on the spelling quiz events or current event quiz events. Alternatively, you can email and request information or email us your school and number of teams per year group and we will fill out the forms for you.


Our quiz events are available to our full membership members of Extra! first and foremost. Casual membership schools may enter on request from the team at Extra! If you are new to Extra! and require more information, you are welcome to contact us at .