Extra! Vision

Extra! is a newspaper in education resource aimed at years 5 – 10 in New Zealand schools.


Our mission is to inspire children to be interested in the world around them through current events and printed media. We want them to be engaged citizens who understand how news from here and around the world, teaches us to be empathetic and responsible human beings. At Extra! we also encourage teachers to succeed by creating a relevant, premier current events newspaper that follows the New Zealand curriculum and can be shared in classrooms across Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We publish a quality resource which encourages our young people to participate through written material and opinion pieces. We understand that they bring with them an authentic and inspirational experience of life in New Zealand, which needs a platform. Extra! is that platform.


Tricia Rowe
Extra! Editor

Allied Press - Publisher of the Otago Daily Times

Pupils at the  Extra!  Christchurch Spelling Quiz

Pupils at the Extra! Christchurch Spelling Quiz